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A good sport

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Combining quality and convenience, Goldfish Chinese Curry Sauce always takes first place for Fish & Chip Co. Yorkshire

When Covid struck in 2020, it brought event catering to an abrupt standstill, which meant the mobile fish and chip van that Dan Myers took on just two years previously was taken off the road. 

But with events very much back in full swing, Fish & Chip Co. Yorkshire is as busy as ever, taking up pitches at some of the UK’s most prestigious sporting events, including The Ashes in Headingley, all The Hundred cricket fixtures, as well as the British Superbikes at Cadwell Park.

The menu on the van is short and sweet: fish, sausage, fishcakes and chips complemented with mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy. 

“We keep it simple because we need to serve customers quickly,” says Dan. “We only have a couple of hours before a game and then roughly a 20 minute window at half-time and that’s our biggest opportunity to get everything out.”

With time of the essence, Dan has sourced products that combine quality and convenience, using freshly prepared chips and frozen at sea fish. He adds: “The sides have always been a bit tricky because we do everything at speed and you need a decent product that you can easily prepare. That’s why we use Goldfish Chinese Curry sauce

“You can prepare it with hot water and it’s ready instantly so it’s so easy to keep up with demand. I’d say 80% of my chip sales come with curry sauce. Everyone loves it.”

Dan preps his curry sauce as soon as he arrives at his venue, making enough to fill two bain marie and knowing he’ll always need to make more. “The bain maries probably get filled up two or three times, so on a busy job I can go through a tub and a half of the curry sauce easily,” says Dan.

On the menu at £1 a portion, staff pour the curry sauce straight over chips, ensuring speed and efficiency. 

“Everyone loves Goldfish Chinese Curry Sauce, especially around the Yorkshire area where a lot of the shops serve the fruity version with the raisins and sultanas. But this is different, it’s like a mild curry sauce, not too hot and with plenty of flavour. My customers love it and, like I say, it’s the best I’ve used.”

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