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Reimagining roe

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Amanda Seafoods is injecting new life into a fish and chip shop favourite to attract a new generation of fans with the ideal seafood meal

The UK fish and chip market has undergone unprecedented changes over recent years with Covid, the rise of online ordering, click and collect and deliveries, and fierce competition on the high street, all bringing their own set of challenges. 

Shops also now face the difficulty of appealing to the younger generation entering the market, whose tastes and preferences are not necessarily the same as their predecessors.

To help shops tackle this, Amanda Seafoods is embarking on a journey to reimagine its chip shop classic – 555 Amanda Roe – for a new generation to enjoy just as much as those that have gone before them.

Leading supplier

Established in 1916 in Denmark, Amanda Seafoods is a leading supplier of high quality canned seafood products. 

555 Amanda Roe – instantly recognisable by its iconic logo and blue tin – has been a popular choice in UK fish and chip shops since the 1950s, and over eight million cans are produced yearly. 

Traditionally served sliced, battered and fried, Amanda Seafoods is switching this up with new, modern ideas that tap into current trends for street food and sharing platters to create the ideal seafood meal.

Sliced into burgers, cut into fingers or chopped into nuggets then coated in panko, breadcrumbs or batter, 555 Amanda Roe opens up a whole range of new and exciting menu possibilities. Shops can customise further with salads, sauces, dips and dressings to attract new customers and boost profits.

555 Amanda Roe offers excellent value for money, with one tin serving nine roe burgers returning a 55% gross profit. All without adding specialist skills or equipment – simply open, clean, cut, batter and fry!

Adapt to shifting trends and be sure to attract the next generation of fish and chip lovers with 555 Amanda Roe. Reimagined with the future in mind.

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