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As one of the major seafood industry players, JFK brings together tradition and experience to create excellence

JFK is a solid supplier of fish from sustainable fisheries, leading the way in the Faroe Islands. The Faroese have had a strong connection with supplying fish to the UK for over 100 years.

In the Autumn of 2023, JFK launched its new frozen at sea fishing vessel – the Gadus. This has allowed the business to continue providing high quality frozen at sea fillets of cod and haddock to the UK, where operators highly regard them as premium products. This is backed up with the accreditation from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard.

The Gadus catches, processes and delivers fresh fish, frozen at sea, caught with a low CO2 emission. What’s more, nothing is wasted as the entire fish is utilised. It can provide headed and gutted fish as well as shatter packed fillets.

What to choose and why?

Jógvan Hansen, sales and operations director at JFK, believes the frozen at sea fillets caught and processed onboard Gadus are the best in the market. He comments: “Frozen at sea is a far better product, the fillets are firmer in texture while freezing within two to four hours of being caught locks in the quality, nutrients and flavour. It is much more consistent than fresh fish and, as availability is better, the prices are less volatile.”

The UK’s fish and chip industry prefers a selection of standard portion sizes, which frozen at sea fillets guarantee, adds Jógvan. “Shops are encouraged to give consumers the opportunity to make more informed decisions, by standardising and expanding the range of available portion sizes. This helps to reduce waste, improve margins  and provide more clarity around nutritional information.”

JFK can provide fish and chip shops with frozen fillets in a block, where interleaved pin bone in (PBI) of skin on or skinless and packed and graded according to the order. 

Cod sizes available and preferred by UK fish and chip shops are either skin on/pin bone in, skinless/pin bone in, skinless and boneless or skin on boneless and between 500–1000g.

Haddock sizes in the same formats as cod are typically available 300g–500g and 500–800g. 

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