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The Norwegian Seafood Council has launched an educational programme to provide fish and chips shop owners with more information on sustainable fish and to support them in passing this on to their customers

Kick-starting the Norwegian Seafood Council’s educational campaign is ‘Fish & Tips: A guide to sustainable frying and business’, a three-part video series designed to communicate the importance of sustainable fish and to provide friers with all the tools they need to communicate to their customers the great value they are getting in every portion. 

As well as exploring fish origin and produce sourcing, the videos cover topics such as oil management, sustainable staffing and customer communication/marketing.

The videos have been created following a recent survey, carried out by the NSC in partnership with the NFFF, which revealed that 88% of fish and chip shop owners find the issue of sustainably sourced fish especially important, but the majority struggle to communicate this to their customers. 

Additional research shows that only 24% of those who regularly eat fish and chips would know what to look for in a sustainable fish offering when visiting their local outlet, and 74% of Brits want fish and chip shops to do more to educate them about the sustainable credentials of the fish they sell.

This confirms that sustainability is considered essential for the industry to function going forward: 71% of people surveyed agreed that understanding the origin of the catch is important to them. A substantial number of fish and chip shops across the UK are already using sustainable fish, not just for the sustainability credentials, but for the quality. Operators are keen to reassure their customers that the fish they are consuming comes from sustainably managed and regulated resources.

Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr, UK director, Norwegian Seafood Council, comments: “Consumers should be aware that by purchasing from a sustainable shop, they are contributing to the future of our oceans and its fish stocks.

“We’re very proud of the Fish & Tips initiative. We hope it will support operators throughout the industry to consider the origin of their ingredients, while also giving their customers insight about what goes into a typical fish and chip meal.”


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