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A new Bake & Bites concept from equipment supplier Taylor provides operators with everything they need for cooking, heating and storing a variety of hot food to go. 

It includes the Backmaster EB30 from Eloma, a powerful bake oven that can be used to prepare bread and pastry products such as sausage rolls, pies and pizza slices to baguettes and ciabatta. This works in conjunction with FIT Express, a dual magnetron microwave with air impingement which allows for the continuous preparation of fresh, chilled or frozen foods with authentic browning on breaded or baked goods.

Both units are compact enough to be installed on top of the third part of the Bake & Bites concept, the Friulinox combi station, which combines refrigerated and heated drawers for simple and safe storage of a range of different products. List prices for the Bake & Bite packages start from £12,000 +VAT.

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