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Florigo Frying Range

John Dory’s has been trading for four years in Quorn, Leicester, and has built a loyal customer base who have not only bought into the food but the brand too due to its engagement on social media. 

When an opportunity came up last year to open a second shop on a busy road in Loughborough with a high footfall, its owners knew all the foundations were in place for a successful expansion. John Dory’s Loughborough opened in December complete with a six pan Florigo high efficiency wall range. 

Drosos Joannou, who owns the business with his brothers Demetrios and Nik, comments: “I’ve got a Florigo in my Quorn shop. I love the ranges, I love the service. I love what they represent as a company, as in nothing is too much for them. If you have any issue, you ring them up or send them an e-mail and they’ll deal with it within days.”

Opting for a wall range as opposed to an island range – like at Quorn – has improved communication between staff working in different areas of the shop which, in turn, has created a business that is easier to manage. Drosos explains: “I know an island range can smash out capacity like an animal, but I’ve always been quite innovative and I wanted to try something different here.

“The wall range is a breeze to work, right through from prepping, cooking and cleaning down. And I’ve found I don’t need as many staff to work it.”

Specifying built-in filtration and plenty of basket storage, Drosos was adamant on having Florigo’s Halo lighting, calling it a “game changer” on the basis it provides a clear view of what is frying and also the condition of the oil.

Drosos comments: “Every bit of fish is unique, so being able to see how each one is cooking due to the Halo lighting helps massively. Now and then I turn the Halo lighting off and I say to my staff, ‘that’s how people used to fry’, and they can’t believe it.”

In addition to six pans for frying, Drosos added two induction rings and a chrome griddle to the range, giving the flexibility to expand the menu both now and in the future.

“Our menu is pretty simple as far as fish and chip shops go, but with the addition of the griddle and induction rings we can also offer a pan-seared alternative, we can griddle a little bit of fish, we can cook some prawns on the hob. And then down the line, if we want to add something like a burger, we have the potential to do that.”

John Dory’s has created such a following that it has added its own line of merchandise. Drosos adds: “We’re the only shop where you see customers ordering fish and chips and then asking to try on a tracksuit!”

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