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Kennedy’s choses Rational bratt pan over deep fat fryers 

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Established by Alan Richardson, Kennedy’s of London is a fish and chip shop franchise with locations across London and the Home Counties.

Recently Alan opened the newest branch of Kennedy’s, a 60 cover restaurant and takeaway in Fulham. Instead of traditional deep fat fryers and conventional appliances, Alan chose the Rational iVario bratt pan for deep frying fish and chips and making sauces and pie fillings, and the iCombi Pro for grilling, baking and steaming.  

“Installing gas ranges in a built-up area like London can get pretty complicated,” says Alan. “You need a lot of extraction and an interlock system. Rational systems allow us to deep fry and perform the same functions as a fryer without having to deal with that. It’s a cleaner and neater way of delivering the fish and chips customers love.”

Delivering high quality crispy deep-fried fish and chips, Alan says the Rational iVario has made a huge difference to speed and efficiency of production while also helping to lower energy usage. The iVario Pro’s powerful iVarioBoost temperature control, for example, means it can get up to frying temperature in less than ten minutes. 

Elton Shgjuni, Kennedy’s head of facilities, adds: “It saves a lot of time and energy because we don’t need to switch it on as early. Plus, if there are any quiet periods, we can turn the temperature down until it’s needed, and it’ll just take a few minutes to get ready again.”

Kennedy’s menu goes far beyond standard fish and chips. As well as a selection of grilled fish, it makes pies, burgers, sausages and roast chicken fresh every day. The iCombi Pro handles the preparation of this side of the menu. 

“The iCombi has had a huge effect on how we work,” says Elton. “We don’t need a salamander or a flat grill, it replaces all of the traditional appliances, and it can even do multiple cooking processes at the same time.”

“The iCombi is very easy to use, which staff love,” says Elton. “The programs mean you can just put it on and get on with something else, and it’s much quicker than traditional appliances so that helps when we’re busy.”

Both the iVario Pro and iCombi Pro are monitored and controlled through Rational’s ConnectedCooking platform, so Elton can keep an eye on what the cooking systems are doing even if he’s not there through the mobile app. It also records HACCP data, and creates or amends recipes when required. 

To find out more abou the iVario Pro, including costs and leasing, register for a 10-minute webinar at: www.rational-online.com/en_gb/lp/gb-awareness-4/

Rational 0800 389 2944 www.rational-online.com

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