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Digital screens declutter the menu and help promote sales 

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Salt n Vinegar

Raj Paranthaban is no stranger to the fast food industry. For the past 15 years he’s worked with many high street brands including Pizza Hit, where he oversaw 30 franchises, and Subway, owning three franchise stores himself. 

Over time, Raj found sticking to brand guidelines restrictive and in a bid to have more freedom and do his own thing he came across Salt & Vinegar, a fish and chip shop in his local area of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, ready for investment. He comments: “It was struggling, the owners had lost their passion and I could see it had lots of opportunities to grow, so I took it on in June 2021.”

After refurbishing the inside to create a 35-seater restaurant with a seafood bar and then the outside to include cafe-style seating for 16, Raj set about promoting his new upmarket offering and knew there was only one way to go. 

He says: “From my experience with the major chains, I knew what digital menus could bring to the business and what was needed to sell certain products.”

Raj contacted BD Signs & Digital who installed four menu screens across the length of the frying range, giving the shop unlimited digital space to clearly promote lunchtime offers, discounts and new products as well as cross-sell and upsell. 

Raj comments: “The screens give a really clean feel to the shop but, more importantly, there were a lot of items that we had on the menu that we just didn’t sell because people didn’t see them, like burgers. Now the way everything is presented, customers can see our burgers and we’ve started building up a customer base for those items. We never had a chance to promote our lunch options before either and now lunchtime trade is doing well.”

As well as the digital screens, BD Signs also installed eye-catching window graphics and two digital menu panels, which are helping promote the business to passers-by. Raj comments: “Not everyone wants to come in and ask to see a menu as it can make them feel like they have to buy something. Having the menu in the window, people can see what we do, check our prices and decide whether to come in or come back later without any pressure.”

With the menus now all digital and user-friendly, Raj can quickly make changes, whether it’s to increase prices, add a new item or target customers with a particular offer. “We couldn’t do that before with traditional menus as it wasn’t cost-effective and we’d have to wait for new menus to be printed. Now we can decide overnight and react quickly.”

The first time Raj has worked with BD Signs, he’s very pleased with the outcome and the service, saying: “BD Signs were very good, they had the experience as they do this day in, day out.

“My customers love the new shop and they are more proud of where they live because the shop looks so great. When people sit outside in the summertime they think they are Spain! Within just two months of the changes trade started to pick up and now it keeps growing month-on-month.”

BD Signs & Digital 0115 979 4330 www.bdsignsnottingham.co.uk

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