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Adande Refrigeration

As the industry continues to feel the pinch of high inflationary pressure, Adande Refrigeration is helping operators with refrigeration requirements by offering £150 net discount on the addition of a blast chiller to a single VCS Adande drawer.

Adding a blast chill function gives operators the use of a fridge, a freezer and a blast chill with minimum outlay, says Adande.

The multifunctionality of the drawer means it’s also perfect for compact kitchens where space is limited and allows operators to prepare and cool food quickly, retaining the optimum flavour before storing it safely, ready for when they need it.

August sees another Adande drawer offer, with a double VCM matchbox stack which qualifies for £400 net discount to customers on ordering.

Managing director, Karl Hodgson, says: “We know that the current economic situation is creating enormous strain on some hospitality operators and as ever we want to do what we can to assist them when it comes to refrigeration.

“The blast chill offer, together with the twin stack promotion running over the summer months of July and August, are a great and sustainable solution, they give fantastic efficiency in the kitchen, and help to keep kitchens running effectively.

“With the VCS blast chill single drawer, you can prepare food quickly and store it safely, whilst using low energy. The best thing is you have three units in one, saving hospitality companies thousands of pounds on multiple equipment. This is great for small kitchens, mobile and festival kitchens as well as traditional areas and pastry kitchens. The VCM twin stack is brilliant for kitchen efficiency too with kitchen staff being able to access the unit from both sides.”

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