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Middletons Loaded Fries

Justin Clarke, business development chef at Middleton Foods, explains how easy it is for operators to capitalise on the trend for loaded fries while also introducing its latest concept – the loaded chip crunch

The beloved chip is a classic comfort food that has maintained its popularity over the years, from French fries to waffles fries, chunky chips and more. In recent years, chips as we know and love them have been transformed – thanks to our friends across the pond – with the trend of loaded fries, capturing the attention and taste buds of people worldwide. 

While customers seem to be eating out less frequently, they’re making a bigger event of it when they do so, with people enjoying the variety and informality of sharing a range of dishes. Chips remain a popular choice and adding a range of delicious toppings enhances the quality and eating experience. Dishes like loaded fries provide a sense of indulgence and satisfaction that appeals to many, transforming a simple side dish into a substantial meal or snack.

Staff can cook brilliant quality chips quickly and efficiently, creating the perfect base for wherever their creativity takes them. One of the most appealing things about loaded fries is the endless possibilities for customisation, allowing operators to offer a variety of toppings. 

To upgrade your fries with ease, at Middleton Foods, we have a range of delicious chip seasonings – piri piri, smokey and Chinese salt and chilli – as well as cheese and curry sauces. And why not go that one step further with a loaded chip crunch – elevate your chips whilst minimising food waste by adding ‘scraps’ and creating a deliciously crunchy texture that leaves customers wanting to come back for more.

With endless opportunities, friers can also incorporate some of the most loved elements from different cuisines – a great opportunity to offer theme nights to drive popularity and ultimately sales. Their visually appealing presentation also makes them a hit on social media platforms like Instagram too. What’s more, loaded fries can be easily adapted to fit various dietary preferences and restrictions. Vegetarian and vegan options can be created using plant-based toppings, alongside gluten-free versions. The loaded fries trend shows no sign of slowing down thanks to its versatility, customisation options, and the sheer enjoyment it brings to food lovers. 

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