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Kerry Foods Goldensheaf

Operating one of Cornwall’s busiest fish and chip shops, Richard Stone has used Goldensheaf Standard Batter since he bought Beck’s Fish & Chips 34 years ago

Carbis Bay, a mile from the popular holiday resort of St.Ives, has earned itself the reputation as a British paradise on the Cornish coast with its pristine beach, subtropical plants and clear water.

Just a short walk from the golden sands is Beck’s Fish & Chips, one of the busiest fish and chip restaurants and takeaways in the region. During the peak of summer its team of 40 can serve over 1,000 meals a night on its eight pan high efficiency frying range. Even in winter, when the 100-seater restaurant is scaled back to just two nights a week it enjoys a strong local trade, serving up to 400 meals.

Apart from a major refurbishment eight years ago when the premises were stripped back and a new frying range installed, owner Richard Stone has kept everything else the same as it was under the previous owners – family friends who he bought the business from in 1989. This included using Goldensheaf Standard Batter.

“Because it was a very successful business before we bought it, we didn’t want to change anything so we stuck with Goldensheaf Standard Batter,” says Richard. “I have tried other batters when people have dropped in samples over the years but, no, we’ve always stuck with Goldensheaf because it is perfect. The batter comes out lovely and crisp and it holds up well whether we are using it in the takeaway or the restaurant.

“In 34 years of making batter, I’ve never had any issues at all with the quality. We get the same end result every time. We’ve never thought about changing any of the ingredients like the batter or the fish or the potatoes. You just can’t, because that’s when you start having problems.”

Kerry Foods Goldensheaf

As well as cod, haddock, hake and locally caught species of fish, Beck’s sells a large volume of battered products such as halloumi, onions rings and scampi. Utilising Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter, Beck’s can easily extend these items to coeliac customers. 

“When we did the refit, we purposely added a pan just for gluten free,” explains Richard. “In the peak of summer we can do up to 50 gluten free fish and chips a night, but even out of season there’s not a night where we don’t do 20 or 30 gluten free. It’s a big part of our business now and Goldensheaf Gluten Free is quite simply the best batter on the market, we feel.”

As well as confidence in the batter, Richard is also reassured by the help the Kerry team have extended to him over the years, adding: “The backup we’ve had from Kerry has been great, there is always help there if we need it.”

For more information, please visit For expert industry advice and to request a sample, you can also call the Frying Squad on 0800 138 1938. 

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