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New relationships

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Middleton Foods

The consistent quality of products, valuable support and new product ideas have fostered a strong relationship between Angell’s Fisheries and Middleton Foods

Although Angell’s Fisheries in Newark, Nottingham, has enjoyed three years of successful trading, Sophie Angell who owns the business with her husband Steven, admits that they are still in the process of finding their footing in some aspects.

It’s one of the reasons they work closely with Middleton Foods, suppliers of a number of its key ingredients including batter mix, curry sauce and gravy. 

“We use Middleton’s Golden Batter Mix because it’s very consistent,” says Sophie. “The staff find it very easy to use and although we did try other brands they just didn’t compare.

“But the other reason is the help we get from Middletons. When we’ve been a bit unsure about our batter, for example when we wanted a little bit more lift, they have been able to advise us on what to do. We’ve now got a nice-looking batter that we are happy with. We didn’t want it too dark but we didn’t want it too light either. What we’ve got is a nice golden colour with lift, it’s crisp with a bit of texture on top.”

Wanting to give customers a unique experience, Angell’s is working with Middletons to develop a bespoke batter. Sophie explains. “It adds a more personal touch so with customers we can say, this is our bespoke batter, it’s unique to us.”

Proving popular with customers is Angell’s once-a-month gluten free night where coeliacs can enjoy their favourite takeaway safely and confidently. One of the best-selling sides is Middleton’s Gluten Free Chippies Choice Curry Mix, which Sophie and Steven opted for after trying several different brands. “It’s very smooth and has the right balance: it’s a bit fruity and spicy at the same time,” says Sophie. 

Remaining open to new ideas, Angell’s is conducting taste tests with customers, exploring Middleton’s new gravy after recent price increases on their usual brand rendered it unfeasible. “There aren’t many orders that come in without a side so our sauces need to be right,” says Sophie.

Sophie’s relationship with Middleton Foods has grown beyond simply customer-supplier after Angell’s was named one of six finalists earlier this year in the inaugural Peter Hill Award. As a result, she and Steven were invited on a tour of the Middleton factory in Willenhall, West Midlands. 

“It was a great opportunity to see behind the scenes, understand what goes into making our products and speak to other people in the industry,” Sophie explains. “We also got new ideas as Middletons brought out samples of different products to try. I liked their cheese sauce so that’s something that we are looking to add to the menu.

“Getting to the final of The Peter Hill Award has been brilliant. We are still relatively new and although we are settled we are still finding our feet in many ways so this was a good way of building a relationship with Middletons and others in the industry.”

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