Rupert's Chicken

Improve your fried chicken sales by switching to Rupert’s Light & Crispy Chicken Breading.

Made using a blend of high quality herbs and spices for a unique savoury note, the breading gives a crispy bite and a light finish for a premium chicken offering that is guaranteed to attract more customers and increase profits. 

Easy to use and offering consistency each time, Rupert’s Light & Crispy Chicken Breading is best paired with Rupert’s Premier Mill Dip for an even coating, extra adhesion and a crispy, crunchy bite. 

Available in 12.5kg sacks, Rupert’s Light & Crispy Chicken Breading contains no artificial colours of flavourings and is manufactured in a factory with BRC and HMC accreditation.

Rupert’s Ingredients 01709 891033

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