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Delivering crispier food

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Introduced five years ago, Goldensheaf Smart Batter remains the go-to batter for fish and chip shops offering a delivery service

Five years ago, we pre-empted the growing trend towards delivery and specifically developed Goldensheaf Smart Batter, a batter that would help fried foods stay crispier for those longer journeys. 

No one could have envisaged the impact Covid would have on the growth of home deliveries and, for many fish and chip shops, the taste for delivering takeaways directly to customers’ doors has formed a significant part of their revenue. 

We’re pleased to say that our Goldensheaf Smart Batter has remained the preferred choice for fish and chip shops that want their online customers to have the same high quality fresh-out-the-fryer experience as their walk-in customers. 

Made with unique Kerry technology, 

Goldensheaf Smart Batter guarantees: 

•  Improved flavour and golden colour

•  A crispier batter that holds for longer making it perfect for delivery 

•  A healthier product with approximately 5% lower calorie content

•  Approximately 10% oil saving depending on frying medium 

•  Easy mixing which provides a good and even adhesion and is easy to prepare 


Peckish is a family-run business with owners Robert and Louise Peck ensuring both their children are involved. Son Jamie first started as the potato boy and has now been head frier for the last five years, while daughter Ashleigh is the counter assistant.

Peckish was the first shop in the UK to purchase Goldensheaf Smart Batter almost five years ago and it hasn’t looked back since. 

Both Robert and Jamie agree that the product gives them just what they are looking for and certainly has the edge over the competition. They feel it gives greater adhesive qualities than other batters on the market.

Overall, it produces a crisp batter that travels well inside its branded, recyclable packaging, meaning there is no need for plastic bags. Peckish also reports that the batter holds particularly well in the hotbox, unlike anything else it has tried, which means food stays crispier for longer once cooked. 

Peckish uses high oleic oil to fry as it doesn’t alter the taste of the product, and says oil pick up is around 30% less than its previous batter-oil combination. 

The real test is in the eating, however, and Robert is pleased to report that Goldensheaf Smart Batter provides a great taste along with a clean palate and crisp outer. 

With its previous batter, Peckish noticed oil patches on the packaging due to the oil retention in the fish. Since using Goldensheaf Smart Batter, this has been remarkably reduced, giving a cleaner, healthier product all round. 

Peckish also uses a number of other products from the Kerry portfolio, including Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce and Goldensheaf White Coarse Crumb. 

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