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Safety first

Pro Fry
 MD Paul Newbold explains the safety features that make a frying range suitable for a mobile fish and chip van unit and how it differs from those built for shops

There are some significant differences between a shop stand-alone fryer and a purpose-built mobile frying range.

A stand-alone fryer is built differently, for example, the lids which are fitted to the top of the fryer can still cause the oil to spill, causing a variety of issues. Whereas the Regal frying range, which is what we would fit into a mobile fish and chip unit, has submarine lids along with splash lips to stop this from happening. This allows you to travel safely and have peace of mind that your cooking area will be the same as you left it by the time you get to your next stop.

A stand-alone fryer also has different drainage options to a purpose-built mobile frying range. On a stand-alone model, they tend to have a different internal structure and setup, due to the internal burners you are unable to skim the fryer, this makes it very difficult to remove debris without having to completely empty all the oil. This would cause the end product to be tainted by burning remains and carbon. To be able to travel with a stand-alone fryer would mean draining the pans each time to make it safe to travel, thus causing further safety risks and potential loss of earnings, which you would not have with a purpose-built frying range. The square, flat bottom traditional pans in a Regal range, however, allow you to skim, filter and clean your pans with ease, getting rid of any unwanted carbon and debris, to allow a consistent product and minimal food safety risks, giving you perfect fish and chips every time. Sounds good, right?

We wanted the best performing frying range in the mobile fish and chip units that we build, allowing fast recovery times to give a fluffy chip on the inside and a crispy chip on the outside. In our opinion, a Regal gives a perfect chip every time, thanks to its twin burners which act fast at bringing the oil temperature back to where it should be for that perfect bite. This is also a great asset when dealing with big queues, as you are able to cook big quantities of food in a small amount of time, making it a brilliant fast food option.

We really hope this information has helped you on your mobile catering journey. If you would like further information or advice, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team and we will be happy to assist you. We deal with the full range of mobile fish and chip vans and trailers with over 30 years’ experience in the business and will be happy to help you through the process. We get people up and running in traditional mobile fish and chip units, from the manufacturing journey to providing guidance to ensure a new business is a safe enjoyable place to work.

For further details, please contact Paul Newbold at Pro Fry on 01778342915 or visit www.profryltd.uk



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