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Yuca Fries hope to take root in foodservice

Offering a completely different alternative to potato or sweet potato fries, Funnybones Foodservi... More


Businesses have a good understanding of allergen rules

Diners with food allergies and intolerances are more confident about eating out since allergen information rules were introduced in 2014, according to a new study by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The research found that, post legislation, 70% of food allergic and intolerant consumers feel more confident in asking staff for allergen information with 44% more ‘adventurous’ about eating out.

Over half (56%) of food allergic and intolerant consumers value staff more as a source of information, while two thirds say talking to the chef about their allergen needs can be relied on.

A further two-thirds (67%) feel allergen information on food business websites is dependable and 35% report an improvement in allergen information in the menu.

This improved confidence is proving good for business, encouraging customers to eating out more frequently and return to and recommend venues with staff that were helpful and attentive about their allergen needs.

Heather Hancock, chairman of the Food Standards Agency, said: “This new research shows that many food businesses have a good understanding of the allergen information rules, with the result that consumers trust them and feel confident that they'll be safe when eating out.”

Over 2 million people in the UK have a food allergy and an estimated 600,000 have coeliac disease.


NEODA backs National Fish & Chip Day

The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA) is to champion the first ever National Fish & Chip Day


A potato is about 80% water and just 20% solids


Potatoes should be stored in a dry, dark and airy place, off the ground, and with the temperature between 7-10⁰C


Potato prices spike

Potato prices have increased by up to £2 a bag and with demand rising, prices could be pushed higher.

McCain maps out ideas for new potato recipes

McCain Foodservice has put together an interactive recipe map detailing potato recipes from around the world

Website provides a wealth of frying tips for top chips

The new online resource which replaces Chip Week has been launched, promising to help friers deliver the best quality chips

Field to Frier finalists announced

Knowing their maris pipers from their maris bards has paid off for three UK chippies through to the final of the From Field to Frier Award

Off colour

With friers finding some chipping potatoes are not frying so well this year, FFF commercial manager Simon Leaver gives an insight as to why this might be happening

Ready to go gratins

Aviko has launched a selection of fully prepared Premium Gratins offering friers a new way to serve potatoes
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