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Chicago Town adds trio of new pizzas

Dr. Oetker Professional has expanded its Chicago Town Pizza range to include three new toppings t... More


Stone baked pizza with a twist

Big Al’s Italian Twists are now available from T.Quality.

Available in pepperoni and margherita varieties, the authentic Italian pizzas are cooked in a stone baked oven and hand twisted for an appetising and easy to eat hand-held snack.

Requiring no cheffing skills or specialist pizza making equipment, the twists can be heated from frozen in a microwave for a minute and a half, or for a crispy finish in the oven, and are ready to serve.

Paired with chips and a drink, they make a great meal deal but work equally well offered on their own for shops wanting to target the snacking market. Supplied with branded sleeves, they also make a great addition to kids menus.
T.Quality 08452 505605 www.tquality.co.uk



The UK’s favourite topping is chicken, while anchovies is the least favourite


Some pizzas contain three times the RDA of salt, says CASH

Nearly three quarters (73%) of pizzas contain more salt than the entire maximum daily recommended intake of 6g.

Pizza Hut launches eye tracking menu

Pizza Hut is launching a new menu which it claims will intuitively recognise what customers want, even when they don’t know themselves

Pizza remains a popular takeaway choice

Pizza is the fourth most popular dinner item purchased in fast food outlets behind sandwiches, burgers and fried chicken, according to the PAPA.

Grab and go

We speak to the managing director of Linda Lewis Kitchens to find out how adding pizza can widen a menu & draw in the lunchtime & evening crowds

New pizza accessories available from LLK

To complement its comprehensive range of Cuppone pizza equipment, Linda Lewis Kitchens has introduced two new ranges of accessories

Stone Willy’s Kitchen targets daytime market

Rookway Food Systems, best known for its Stone Willy’s Pizza brand, has launched a new concept to meet the expanding daytime ‘food-to-go’ market