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Cone ‘beak’ keeps chips and sauce separate

Planglow has launched a fully compostable chip cone with built in ‘beak’ for sauce, and a sle... More


New packaging aimed at growing Zizzi’s takeaway business

Italian restaurant group Zizzi’s has introduced a new range of packaging as it aims to take a bigger slice of the takeaway market.

The range includes a ‘double-decker’ box which holds two pizzas, a ‘deep box’ which is able to deliver its signature Rustica pizza as it is served in the restaurant, overcoming its size and the fact that previously it needed to be halved for delivery, as well as a ‘mini-box’ that can accommodate starters, sharers and desserts. All three boxes fold out completely flat to become a sharing platter.

Also new is a pasta/salad bowl which is designed to mimic the crockery used in the Zizzi restaurants and which is microwavable, freezeable, recyclable and dishwasher-proof. A transparent lid holds inserts in place to ensure that different elements of a dish remain separate and intact until they reach the consumer.

The packaging, designed by London-based firm Pearlfisher, is aimed at mirroring the abundance and diversity of a restaurant table in a customer's own dining room, a move which makes nearly all of Zizz's restaurant dishes available for takeaway.

The new range, which also includes a redesigned tub, bread bag, retail bag and stickers, is being rolled out nationwide and is available via Click and Collect and Deliveroo.



Fish and chips was traditionally wrapped in old newspaper up until the 1980s when it was declared unsafe for food to come into contact with newspaper ink without grease-proof paper in between.


Personalised paper improves presentation

Henry Colbeck is now offering custom printed greaseproof paper, providing a cost-effective way for fish and chip shops to personalise their offering

Knitty, pretty and green all over

Eco-friendly packaging company Vegware is bringing festive cheer to hot beverages with its limited edition knitted jumper cups

Christmas wrapped up

Henry Colbeck has launched two festive takeaway boxes to help their customers get Christmas all wrapped up

Chip Crown reigns supreme

The Gourmet Food Wrap Company has launched the Chip Crown, ideal for serving and presenting chips and other deep fried products

Tri-Star introduces eco-friendly packaging range

Friers looking for eco-friendly packaging and disposable tableware ranges have four new options available to them after a deal between packaging supplier Tri-Star and PacknWood, a UK subsidiary of a French company

Fastest chip wrapper smashes record live on TV

Stephanie Celik, holder of the Guinness World Record for the fastest chip wrapper, has smashed her own record live on TV.