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AAK launches oil in spray format

Cooking oils specialist AAK Foodservice has launched a spray liquid vegetable oil



Advice helps shops comply with new food safety law

Frying oil brand Prep has produced a document to help fish and chip shops comply with new food safety laws in relation to acrylamide.

Acrylamide in food: Understanding the law, minimising the risks has been published online to coincide with the new legislation which came into effect earlier this month.

The European legislation requires all businesses that manufacture food, or prepare and serve it to customers, to understand the potential risk of acrylamide, take steps to reduce it and be able to prove that they have done so.

Acrylamide forms naturally in foods when amino acids and sugars react during the cooking process. It occurs typically - but not exclusively - when foods with a high starch content, such as potatoes and bread, are fried, roasted or baked. It is also present in coffee, forming when the beans are roasted.

Olivia Shuttleworth, brand manager for Prep, comments: "Over the past few months we have had lots of enquiries from our customers, many of whom were worried about the implications of the new legislation. What became clear is that there was a need for a clear, plain-language summary that spells out how the new law affects businesses that make, prepare or serve food, and what food operators need to do to meet the requirements of the law.

"Our Prep insight paper has been developed to serve that purpose. It explains the law, the reasons for the new legislation, information about acrylamide and how it forms, and it offers guidance on what businesses must do and how they should go about it.”



Oil should never be heated above 205°C (400°F) or it will spoil more rapidly


Oil should be filtered daily to remove the small pieces of charred food which might accumulate


King Rice Bran proves the right oil for Reel

Frying in King Rice Bran Oil has helped Reel maintain its commitment to providing healthier options

Open all hours

Open for an incredible 89 hours a week, Smiffy's Chippy in Hastings relies on Frymax for consistently good food

Frymax sponsors 50 Best Fish & Chip Shops Comp

Frymax is the latest company to sponsor frymagazine.com’s 50 Best Fish & Chip Shops Competition.

Download your free ‘Tips for Healthier Chips’ poster

The Potato Council has produced a poster to help shop owners serve up healthier chips during Chip Week.

Studies highlight potential health benefits of rice bran oil

A leading supplier of rice bran oil believes fish and chip shops can capitalise on the growing consumer demand for healthier fast food by switching oil.

Plastic fantastic

Kent-based Ring Containers wants to encourage more friers to ask for its easy to use, environmentally friendly Bottle-in-Box when buying their frying oil