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Conditioning device reduces oil absorption by 40%

OiLChef claims to cut the amount of oil fried food absorbs as well reduce cooking times, energy c... More


Prep app offers tips for longer lasting oil

Frying oils brand Prep has launched an app to help friers take good care of their oil.

The graphically based, animated app includes best oil management practices, advice on testing oil and learning when to change it, top tips and five training modules covering safety, quality, long life, the discard stage and equipment and efficiency.

A troubleshooting section addresses commonly reported issues with frying oil, such as smoking, foaming and discolouration, and includes a series of questions to identify the probable cause and offer a solution.

A quick and simple tool is also included to help users choose the oil that best suits their individual circumstances and usage.

Prep brand manager Olivia Shuttleworth says: "It's an oil management training course in a handy app.

"All the knowledge, techniques and tips used by our oil management experts are now available at kitchen staff's fingertips, ready to use whenever they're needed.”

The Prep app is available at the Google Play store and the Apple App store. 



Oil should never be heated above 205°C (400°F) or it will spoil more rapidly


Oil should be filtered daily to remove the small pieces of charred food which might accumulate


Chippy’s - listening to its customers for 59 years

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Frymax produces sustainability poster

Frymax, the all vegetable frying medium, has launched a poster to help shops communicate to their customers that they using an oil from certified sustainable sources

One spread, multiple uses

Kerrymaid has launched a multipurpose spread that can be used for cooking, baking and spreading.

PG Chips gets taken away courtesy of Nortech Foods

Paul Greenaway of PG Chips in County Tyrone is the second winner of Nortech Foods’ Surprizes campaign

Packaging highlights New Britain story

New Britain Oils has redesigned the packaging of its Finest Frying Oil to include details of its unique supply chain

Frying equipment & oils on conference agenda

Find out about the latest developments in frying systems and healthy oils at a conference organised by the Society of Chemical Industry