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More sauce with three new BBQ flavours

Bring a taste of the US to the table with four new authentic American-style BBQ sauces from Creative Foods Europe.

The latest additions to Atlantic’s House of Lords range start with the Kansas City BBQ Glaze, a tangy and bitter sweet combination of tomatoes, molasses, smoke and spice, which lends itself to glazing, dipping and pouring.

Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce is ideal smothered on ribs or to create burgers and hot dogs while Texan BBQ Mop is a sweet and smoky pourable mopping sauce that is just as tasty used as a marinade, or as a baste for ribs, beef and chicken. Completing the range is Louisiana Blazing BBQ Sauce, which features a splash of Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce for added heat.

All four ambient sauces are supplied in one-litre bottles, six to a case.
Creative Foods Europe 01252 846500 www.creativefoodseurope.eu


Spot checks

Trading Standards officers are increasingly carrying out spot checks to ensure shops are abiding by the law when it comes to catering for customers with food allergies

Make a show of your condiments

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Secure your shop

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