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Unsung Hero

Kerry Morrall
Job title: Server and chef

At: Auckley Friery, Auckley, Doncaster
Nominated by: David Nicolaou, owner of Auckley Friery, who says: "Employing Kerry at the tender age of 19 was one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. She is absolutely unflappable, she is calm when there is chaos around her and she has become an absolutely indispensable member of the team. Over the past 14 years, I haven’t heard another member of staff say a bad word about her, or the customers either. She is such a great ambassador for our business. She always manages to see the good in people, she is a patient trainer with new staff and always manages to point out problem areas with tact and kindness.

"I’m proud to say she actually has taken quiet shifts and made them busier. She just has that lovely energy that you want to be around so I am not surprised customers come in just to see her. It is a privilege to be able to nominate her."
How long have you worked at Auckley Friery?
Since 2005, so for 14 years. It was near to Christmas when I stopped by Auckley Friery on the off chance to see if there were any jobs and to get something to eat. Someone had just left and I had already worked in a fish and chip shop before so David said he would love me to start when the shop reopened after Christmas.

What are your responsibilities?
Cooking and serving although I’ve taken on more responsibility in the shop as time has gone on and my family has grown up. I do morning kitchen prep, serve on the busiest shifts and now I run my own shifts as the chef, which David says I’m extremely good at!

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Having a laugh and a joke with the customers. And with David - I had a habit of hiding his chocolate bars in the strangest of places for a time, which he solved by stopping eating chocolate!
What’s your least favourite part of the job?
Getting burned when cooking!
What is it you like about working at Auckley Friery?
The atmosphere here and enjoying coming to work. The people I work with make it fun.
How do you feel about being nominated as an unsung hero?
It makes me feel very appreciated indeed.


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