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Waiting staff are Britain's most tipped profession

Waiters and waitress are the most frequently tipped workers ahead of hairdressers and taxi drivers, according to a survey by British marketplace OnBuy.com

The survey of 2,000 Brits found that 88% tip waiting staff at a restaurant with almost two-thirds doing so (61%) because “that is just how things are done”. A further 24% said they only tip because they feel a “social pressure” to do so, and would feel ashamed not to. 

In fact, 21% of Brits would still tip at a restaurant even if they received mediocre service due to the social stigma attached to not tipping, while 32% of restaurant-goers would feel too embarrassed to ask for the service charge to be removed from a bill, despite bad service.

Half of respondents said they tip their takeaway delivery drivers whilst Uber drivers were revealed as the least tipped profession.


Mitch Tonks named MSC Chef of the Year

Mitch Tonks has been named Chef of the Year at the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) annual UK awards

JJ’s launches Amazon-style notifications for online deliveries

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is the first UK wholesaler to introduce an Amazon-style notification system to give online customers an estimated time of arrival based on real-time data

Bury chippy for sale

Blacks Business Brokers has a Greater Manchester fish and chip shop and café up for sale for £35,000 plus a weekly rent of £100

Pukka creates pie-fect tribute to Harry Kane

England footballing ace Harry Kane has been immortalised in pies in a specially commissioned artwork by Pukka Pies.
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