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Waiting staff are Britain's most tipped profession

Waiters and waitress are the most frequently tipped workers ahead of hairdressers and taxi drivers, according to a survey by British marketplace

The survey of 2,000 Brits found that 88% tip waiting staff at a restaurant with almost two-thirds doing so (61%) because “that is just how things are done”. A further 24% said they only tip because they feel a “social pressure” to do so, and would feel ashamed not to. 

In fact, 21% of Brits would still tip at a restaurant even if they received mediocre service due to the social stigma attached to not tipping, while 32% of restaurant-goers would feel too embarrassed to ask for the service charge to be removed from a bill, despite bad service.

Half of respondents said they tip their takeaway delivery drivers whilst Uber drivers were revealed as the least tipped profession.


Cornish pub incorporates fish and chip shop

A pub in west Cornwall has reopened following a £100,000 refurbishment complete with a fish and chip shop

Ramsden’s gets right royally involved in wedding celebrations

As the world looks forward to this weekend's Royal Wedding, Harry Ramsden’s has hosted its own marriage ceremony between its mascot, Harry the Haddock, and ocean queen Meghan the Mackerel!

FreeFrom Eating Out Awards 2018 open for entry

Fish and chip shops are being encouraged to enter the 2018 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards which open for entry today

Rice, spice and a bigger portion on Ramsden’s 90th birthday menu

Harry Ramsden’s is celebrating its 90th birthday with a new menu that includes its largest ever portion of fish and chips, rice boxes and spicier light bites
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