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Join the celebrations

Fish and chip lovers from across the UK will come together to celebrate the nation’s 
favourite dish on Friday 1st June 2018, so get out your bunting, put up a poster and get involved

The date has been set, Friday 1st June will play host to the fourth National Fish & Chip Day, which means for one whole day all eyes will be on you - the purveyors of our nation’s dish. It’s the perfect time to showcase the nutritional goodness of fish and chips, the passion and effort that goes into producing every plateful and the fact that, even after 150 years, it still represents excellent value for money. And with 10,500 fish and chip shops all doing the same thing, we should be able to make a lot of noise!

In the four years since National Fish & Chip Day was first launched, momentum and support for the occasion have grown at an incredible rate. Last year saw more shops than ever get involved with some reporting sales up 40% on an average Friday. Social media was buzzing with #nationalfishandchipday trending on Twitter by 9.30am and taking the number one spot for most of the day – this even included knocking Donald Trump off the top!
Mentions were heard across the airwaves throughout the day with radio stations and primetime TV programmes referencing the day, all helping to raise awareness and generate a yearning for some lunch or dinner time fish and chips.

Backed again this year by NEODA, work is already going on behind the scenes to create an even bigger buzz and level of coverage for National Fish & Chip Day, which if you’re quick, you can capitalise on too. Lynda Simmons, secretary general at NEODA, comments: “We want to help fish and chip shops across the UK benefit from this awareness day and can offer advice on decorating your shops, running special promotions and competitions and generally creating a huge buzz about fish and chips. We have updated our campaign pack with guidance on how to get the most from social media, including setting up a Snapchat filter for your shop and using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to shout about what you are doing. There’s also advice about talking to your local and regional press and there are logos, images and press release templates all available, free of charge, for you to use. All this helps to raise awareness, which in turn drives footfall to your shops. 

“We will also be running competitions to win National Fish and Chip Day branded merchandise on our own social media pages, so keep an eye out and be sure to join in for a chance to win – there will be prizes for you and your customers!”


Fish and chips facts

Impress your customers with the following fish and chips facts!

•  Fish and chips were first served together as a dish around 1860 - although their origin is contested. In London, the Malin family claims to be first, as do the Lee family in Manchester.
•  Brits consume some 382 million portions of fish and chips every year. That’s six servings for every man, woman and child.
•  Annual spend on fish and chips in the UK is in the region of a staggering £1.2 billion!
•  Fish and chips were two of the few foods not subject to rationing during the Second World War because the government feared the dish was so embedded in the nation’s culture that any limit would damage morale.
•  Fish and chips make a balanced, nutritious meal. They are a valuable source of protein,  fibre, iron and vitamins.
•  Fish and chips played a part in the D-Day Landings - British soldiers identified each other by crying out ‘fish’ and waiting for the response of ‘chips’.
•  The word batter comes from the French word battre, which means to beat - in reference to whisking the flour and water together.

10 top tips to get involved

•  Research your local radio stations and newspapers and organise a series of fish and chip deliveries throughout the day to raise awareness of the day and your business.
•  Creating your own shop branded social media selfie frames are a great way to attract attention. You won’t believe how many fish and chips fans will line up to take a photo with your company’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook cutout. Increase your likes, watch the tagged photos roll in and let your customers do your PR!
•  Run a simple competition in store where customers guess the number of potatoes in a sack or marrowfat peas in a jar for a chance to win fish and chips for two. Or offer everyone that comes in a raffle ticket and pick a winner at the end of the night.
•  Ask customers to nominate a local hero, or someone in their community who they think deserves free fish and chips on the day. Promote this on social media and tell your local press.
•  Give out a voucher which entitles customers to a free side, kids meal or money off of their next visit. This is a great way to encourage repeat trade, in particular for customers who may be new to you, and it means you’re not discounting or giving anything away on one of your busiest days.
•  Run a competition for local businesses asking why they deserve a chippy tea delivered to their workplace. This will also generate leads which you can later follow up to help boost your lunchtime trade.
•  Starting up a conversation on social media simply by asking customers “How do you eat yours?” will create a never-ending debate of options!
•  Go nostalgic for the day and wrap your fish and chips in specially printed newspaper, just like they did up until the 1980s.
•  Put on a special fish for the day. Maybe bring back an old favourite like hake or rock (sustainably sourced of course), always favourites with the older generation, or reinvent the fish finger sandwich to get people reminiscing about fish and chips.
•  If nothing else, put up a poster and some bunting. Anything that’s new will engage customers and will create a conversation, which provides an opportunity to talk up the day as well as what it is that makes your fish and chips special.

Online tool kit

Getting involved doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive or taxing, not when NEODA has created an online tool kit containing a host of materials that you can use to develop your own National Fish and Chip Day campaign. Including posters, social media graphics, template press releases as well as top tips to get involved, these can all be downloaded from http://www.nationalfishandchipday.org.ukwww.nationalfishandchipday.org.uk. There’s also suggested tweets and posts for you to copy, competition ideas to use and reminders on how to maximise exposure.


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