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Pop open a pouch for natural, just-made mushy peas

Offering the natural taste of freshly made mushy peas but with the ease and convenience of being ready to use is a new frozen product from Sam’s Natural Kitchen.

Developed exclusively for fish and chip shops, Sam’s Natural Mushy Peas are made with 100% natural ingredients - organic, early harvest marrowfat peas, natural Cornish sea salt and filtered water. They do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, instead natural spirulina extract is used to give a healthy, natural green colour before the peas are frozen, locking in the freshness to guarantee a taste as if they had just been made that morning taste.

Eliminating the need to soak peas overnight as well as pans boiling over, friers simply defrost the contents and pour into a bain marie or straight into a pot and microwaved if needed immediately.

Available in 3kg pouches containing 26 x 40z portions, Sam’s Natural Mushy Peas are supported by eye-catching POS which in shop trials have lead to a two fold increase in sales of mushy peas. Some shops even increased the selling price of their mushy peas and say they still sold more.
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