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UK’s most takeaway-friendly car revealed

The Kia Sportage has been named as the car that best fits the UK’s needs for consuming takeaway meals, according to a survey by leasing specialist LeaseCar.

With a generous dashboard, four cup holders and a spacious footwell, the Kia Sportage can fit 23 Big Macs or 29 medium cokes, while still having space for 27 ketchup sachets.

The BMW 3 Series, which was found could hold 19 Signature Burgers and 11 Costa Grande cups, came second while the Nissan Qashqai polled third with 16 servings of medium fries along with 24 tomato sauce sachets.

The research considered a number of popular car models and assessed features such as the number of cup holders, dashboard depth and width, size of door pockets and whether they had trays and leather interior.

While the Kia Sportage was found to be the best allrounder, many other popular cars were found to have their own perks for different takeaway fans. For instance, if you’re liable to spill your food, the leather interior of the BMW 3 series might be a better fit. And if the door pocket is your favourite place to stash your food, then the sizeable door pockets of the Fiat 500 would be a better choice.
The research also revealed how almost two-thirds (60%) of Brits find themselves eating in their cars at least once a month, while four out of 10 drivers admit to occasionally eating while on the move.


Fish and a giant Christmas tree

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“Clear out of independents" as restaurant numbers fall 2% in a year

The number of restaurants in Britain fell by 2% over the year to September 2018, equivalent to more than 10 closures a week

Just Eat hits record November in UK

Black Friday weekend saw Just Eat take 1.5 million orders, making it the busiest ever Friday for the online food delivery company and contributing to the biggest month in Just Eat’s history in the UK

Just Eat launches electric delivery scooter

Just Eat has unveiled an electric scooter as part of its continued commitment to tackling carbon emissions across the UK
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