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New frying solution prolongs the life of oils

A new frying solution has been launched which claims to prolong the lifetime of oil and result in better tasting fried food.

FORTI-FRY, from Belgium-based Kemin Industries Food Technologies, is a liquid formulation which consists of a combination of natural antioxidants, specialty oils and emulsifiers. When added to oil, it reduces the surface tension which supports the reduction of foaming and also improves the contact between the oil and the fried product. The latter assures that there is a good heat transfer and an even browning of the product from the first batch.

By maintaining the quality and nutritional value of the frying oil, FORTI-FRY claims to produce better tasting fried food. And, as it is taste neutral, it will not influence the flavouring profile of the frying oil, nor will it leave any residue on the end product.
Kemin Industries Food Technologies 00 14 28 36 60 www.kemin.com


National Fish and Chip Day giveaway

NEODA, the organiser of National Fish and Chip Day, has set up two promotions ahead of the big day on Friday 1st June.

Middleton's Ryan Baker appointed NEODA president

Ryan Baker, sales manager at Middleton Foods, has been elected as the new president of The National Edible Oils and Distributors' Association (NEODA)

Advice helps shops comply with new food safety law

Frying oil brand Prep has produced a document to help fish and chip shops comply with new food safety laws in relation to acrylamide

Restaurant convicted for blocking sewers with fat

A Shrewsbury restaurant has been prosecuted for blocking sewers with fat, oil and grease.
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