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New frying solution prolongs the life of oils

A new frying solution has been launched which claims to prolong the lifetime of oil and result in better tasting fried food.

FORTI-FRY, from Belgium-based Kemin Industries Food Technologies, is a liquid formulation which consists of a combination of natural antioxidants, specialty oils and emulsifiers. When added to oil, it reduces the surface tension which supports the reduction of foaming and also improves the contact between the oil and the fried product. The latter assures that there is a good heat transfer and an even browning of the product from the first batch.

By maintaining the quality and nutritional value of the frying oil, FORTI-FRY claims to produce better tasting fried food. And, as it is taste neutral, it will not influence the flavouring profile of the frying oil, nor will it leave any residue on the end product.
Kemin Industries Food Technologies 00 14 28 36 60 www.kemin.com


A showpiece

Pro Fry had the chance to show off what it was capable of producing when it exhibited at the Fish Frying & Fast Food Show in Coventry earlier this month

New fry-deas

350 portions of fish, 500 cones of chips, 320 slices of pizza, 300 pots of mushy peas and 500 cups of coffee were dished out to visitors hungry for new ideas at The Fish Frying & Fast Food Show on Sunday

Ideas & inspiration

The Fish Frying & Fast Food Show 2018 on Sunday 7th October at the NAEC, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, is all about discovering the latest foods trends, forging new partnerships and finding great deals


You celebrated in every way possible and, as a result, this year’s National Fish & Chip Day proved a great success
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