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Hopkins offers seven year pan warranty

Fish and chip shop owners who purchase a Hopkins range from 1st December onwards will have the added peace of mind of a seven year pan warranty.

The Leeds-based manufacturer, which has been making ranges for 60 years, is offering the extended warranty to show how confident it is in the longevity of its pans.

Explaining why pans crack and how its ranges are different, MD Victoria Hopkins says: “Pans in frying ranges crack because of the expansion of the metal while it is heated and cooled during service. Some range manufacturers make their pans out of stainless steel, which when heated will expand by around 15mm. Here at Hopkins we make our pans out of mild steel. Mild steel only expands by around 3mm therefore drastically reducing the risk of the pan cracking.

“A crack in a pan can mean a potential fire risk and expensive down time for you the shop owner. At Hopkins we are so confident of our pans we are offering a much longer guarantee than any other manufacturer with a seven year pan warranty.”

If and when a pan needs changing, Hopkins says this can be done in under an hour as they have been designed in such a way that they don’t require welding into the range.

The only criteria for the extended warranty is that customers have their range serviced by Hopkins using genuine Hopkins spares.