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Deliveroo poll highlights a world of confusion

Wonton is Chelsea FC’s new summer signing, a falafel is a vital part of a jet engine, and ramen is a position in the Kama Sutra, according to a survey of the nation.

Researchers from Deliveroo polled Britons and asked them to correctly identify some of the world’s most famous foods.

According to 15% of the nation, the Vietnamese noodle soup Pho is in fact a type of exotic fish, while 10% thought an enchilada is an animal found in South America.

However, despite the culinary blunders, a staggering 86% of Brits said they had international tastes when it comes to food, while a further 73% said they would consider themselves quite or very knowledgeable about food.

The study of 1,500 Brits was commissioned by Deliveroo to mark its Taste Tour campaign where customers can win the chance to experience their favourite dishes from the food capitals of the world.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo, said: “The results of this research show that while many Britons can’t identify a falafel or an enchilada – our love for world foods is on the rise, with 86% of us now enjoying international food regularly.”

According to the survey, Chinese came top of diners’ favourite styles of food, followed by Italian, Indian and American.

The average Brit spends £86 a month on takeaways, with London emerging as the takeaway capital spending £107 a month followed by the folk of Edinburgh who spend £92 a month and Brummies who splash out £89.


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