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Chippy’s donation creates a local success story

A Bradford fish and chip shop has helped a group of youngsters meet their £1,500 fundraising target set to establish a story room at their local community centre.

Towngate Fisheries not only donated £620 - over a third of the amount required - but the publicity generated by the donation lead to an influx of support, resulting in the target being exceeded a day early.

The money raised will buy books and reading materials as well as paint and furniture to kit out the story room at the Springfield Youth and Community Centre, just a mile from the chippy. It will be overseen by a group of volunteers, aged 14 and above, who will help members of the Junior Youth Club with their reading.

Towngate Fisheries’ owner Mark Drummond, says: “We’re always hearing people complaining that there’s nothing for kids to do, well this not only gives them somewhere to go but it also helps younger children with their reading. I thought it was a very good project that deserved our support.”

The takeaway has also donated 100 free children’s meal vouchers for the centre to offer as rewards for children who return borrowed books.

Mark adds: “A lot of parents round here don’t use the local library because they are worried that they will lose the books or that they won’t be able to afford the fines if they are returned late. This system not only means children get a reward for returning a book but it also helps us to get more children used to eating fish and chips.”

Marks says the publicity has been great for business, adding: “The reason I got involved is because I felt it was the right thing to do and because I believe businesses should put back in to their local community. At the same time, the publicity it’s generated for us has more than paid for itself as initiatives like these create a positive image within the community

“Our customers like the fact that we support local charities. We sponsor quite a few sports teams, but obviously that’s only one section of the community. We like to try and help as many people as we can, so by supporting the story room it has enabled us to help a different section of society.”

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BTC piles on the pressure as net EU migration falls

The British Takeaway Campaign is calling for changes to the immigration system after the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show net EU migration is at the lowest for five years.

Unregistered cold storage blamed for KFC supply problems

An unregistered storage hub has been blamed for the chicken shortage which has forced KFC to close 750 of its 900 UK outlets

Seafood Week 2018 date unveiled

This year’s Seafood Week will take place from 5th to 12th October, Seafish has announced today

Office workers consume over 3,000 calories per day

The average office worker consumes as many as 3,295 calories per day – between 795 and 1,295 more than the recommended daily amount – leading to an annual weight gain of 9lbs per year
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