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Fast food chains popular with 57% of Brits abroad

Having familiar fast food chains nearby is a top priority for over half of Brits (57%) booking a holiday abroad, according to online flight comparison company 

The survey, carried out by 2,399 participants, put the availability of fast food behind having a hotel within walking distance of the beach and a good Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, the most popular outlets were revealed to be McDonalds (21%), KFC (16%) and Subway (15%) with the reasons given for Brits sticking to what they know best being the fact it’s handy in case they don’t like the food served at the hotel or in local restaurants’ (32%). Burgers, fried chicken and subs were also considered ideal hangover food for 28% of respondents while 42% said it was cheap and easy to eat whilst out exploring.
And, even though there is plenty of local food on offer, two-fifths of respondents (43%) stated that they had eaten a fast food takeout during their last holiday with a brand that they were able to eat back home.


Unregistered cold storage blamed for KFC supply problems

An unregistered storage hub has been blamed for the chicken shortage which has forced KFC to close 750 of its 900 UK outlets

Seafood Week 2018 date unveiled

This year’s Seafood Week will take place from 5th to 12th October, Seafish has announced today

Office workers consume over 3,000 calories per day

The average office worker consumes as many as 3,295 calories per day – between 795 and 1,295 more than the recommended daily amount – leading to an annual weight gain of 9lbs per year

Drywite appoints three new directors

West Midlands-based fish and chip shop supplier Drywite has made three internal appointments to its Board of Directors
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