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Henry Nuttall builds Vito filter into its ranges

Sheffield-based range manufacturer Henry Nuttall is offering its customers an improved level of oil filtration by linking up with Vito UK and building its Gen 80 filtration system into its ranges.

The unit, which up until now has been used to filter small basket fry units, will be hard wired into the range and features a retractable cable which will reach across all the pans. It can handle 80 litres of oil a minute and will pull debris from all four corners of a pan. This means that in one filtration cycle at 4 ½ minutes the oil in a standard pan would be filtered over eight times.

Commenting on the link-up, office manager at Henry Nuttall Jack Price says: “After many demos and trials, we were very impressed with two factors. Firstly, Vito will allow the filtration of the oil at frying temperature, which is not possible with any current integral system. This is a great way of speeding up the process rather having to allow a pan to cool, as well as ensuring filtration is possible at peak times of frying, vital to maintaining a good quality product.
“Secondly, and most importantly, Vito creates the highest purity of filtration on the market, removing all the carbon from your oil and achieving 5 micron filtration.”

When not in use, the Vito unit is stored in a convenient drawer on the range while an attachment to the top tray allows room for the unit to sit to cool and dry prior to storage.

Jack adds: “We are always striving to improve our ranges and offer our customers the best possible product and service on the market. We have researched and invested greatly into our high efficiency burners in the last decade, however, integral filtration on the ranges hasn’t changed since its introduction in the early 1990s, so we knew this was an area to consider.

“After listening to much feedback from our customers and the industry, we believe that Vito will be a great addition to our frying range.”


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