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Flagship Europe
has put a twist on an old favourite with its Mac & Cheese Bites.

Described as being perfect as a starter, on a sharing platter or as a main course centre plate meal, macaroni pasta is coated in a rich, creamy cheese sauce and then encased in a crunchy cornflake shell to form bite-sized nuggets that can be eaten with or without a dipping sauce.

Ideal for vegetarians and meat eaters, the 25g bites are packed 1 x 3kg, approximately 120 bites per case, and can be cooked from frozen in around three minutes.

Offering another meat alternative is its new Tomato Burger which comprises tomato, beetroot and mozzarella cheese, mixed with herbs and spices. Ideal for both the adult and kids menu, the 80g burger, packed 2 x 2.5kg, is best grilled, and can be cooked from frozen to produce a patty with a slightly crisp outer and soft centre.
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Wimpy set for a comeback next year

Fast food chain Wimpy is to stage a comeback as it announces plans for expansion and investment

All inclusive

Catering appropriately for all diners will ensure customers enjoy their experience without feeling excluded due to their allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices

Big ideas for little mouths

A product round-up of all things kiddie friendly, from menus and activity packs to the latest food and drink items

Pork meatballs gain Red Tractor accreditation

Frozen food distributor Central Foods has relaunched its popular KaterKing Prime Pork Meatballs after the product achieved Red Tractor accreditation
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