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An industry united

Kingfisher's Craig Maw & Nikki Mutton embraced #NationalFishandChipDay not just in its takeaway in Plymouth, but also from its mobile unit in London where it served an impressive 1,200 portions of free fish and chips

Last Friday, the nation celebrated #NationalFishandChipDay and as in previous years, we took part in the celebrations in our shop by providing customers with the opportunity to win free fish and chips. We also took our mobile unit, Kingfisher on the Go, to London. Trinity House to be precise, near Tower Bridge.

Just to explain, Trinity House is a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers, providing education, support and welfare to the seafaring community, so the link with The Fishermen’s Mission was a natural fit for our charity event.

We arrived the day before, excited and apprehensive of the day ahead of us. The next day, aka National Fish and Chip Day, we started giving away free fish and chips at 7.30 in the morning. The plan was to serve for a couple of hours, stop for an hour or so and then restart for lunch. This didn’t happen. We cooked fish and chips en masse until 3.30pm. We were ground to a halt only by a huge thunderstorm and a deluge of rain.

We had a fantastic time and we gave away 1,200 portions of fish and chips to the people of London while raising £620 for The Fishermen's Mission. I have to say, at this point, Lynda Simmons from NEODA and Jo Hage did an amazing job organising the day with months of behind the scenes planning. However, all this was made possible by the generous contributions from suppliers and trade partners, you all know who you are and we thank every one of you from the bottom our hearts.

Throughout the day we had many people come and say hello, including our good friend Nigel Barden. Having donned a #NationalFishandChipDay t-shirt, he couldn’t wait to get into our van and he whole heatedly embraced the event and the day. Of course, he couldn’t leave without having a portion of our award-winning fish and chips! We also had a few trade friends visit us too, many were quite prepared to roll their sleeves up and help us serve our fish and chips as fast as we could. By this time the queue was around the corner, where it stayed for most of the day.

We served an American couple from South Carolina who literally had just arrived in London and wanted some typically British fish and chips. They couldn’t believe their luck on arriving in London on National Fish & Chip Day and having the UK’s No.1 Fish & Chip shop giving them away for free!

We were inspired by the fact that we knew fish and chip shops from the length and breadth of the country were celebrating this day in their own way with us. It is amazing that people from all walks of life, no matter what age, race, colour or religion they were from were enjoying fish and chips. On that day, 2nd June 2017, everyone loved fish and chips. Fish and chips unite us all.

Sadly, I can only scratch the surface of events on National Fish & Chip Day, but on reflection, we can’t help but admire fish and chips and our industry. One thing’s for sure, fish and chips and the industry is stronger when we work together and will be loved for many years to come.


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