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Get to grips with 3-sided blender jug

Featuring an unusual triangular jug design, the Ceado B107 blender from Metcalfe Catering Equipment can be stacked, which means it takes up less room on the countertop.

The 0.9l transparent polycarbonate blender jug is also easier to grip and to pour dense and compact ice-based cocktails from the jug to the glass.

While a 20/10 stainless steel single angled blade helps mix the ingredients together, a two-section lid allows the user to add ingredients during the mixing process. A special ice-breaker/mover accessory helps to speed up the process, resulting in an ice slush drink in seconds, while the operating switch offers a working speed or pulse mode.
Metcalfe Catering Equipment 01766 830456 www.metcalfecatering.com


Elite asks customers to name its anniversary brew

A Lincolnshire chippy is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a bottle of specially brewed beer – and it’s asking its customers to come up with a name for the commemorative brew

Brits consume 1,460 cups of coffee every year

Caffeine loving Britons consume an average of 1,460 cups of coffee a year with latte the most popular, according to research by syrup maker Monin

Big ideas for little mouths

A product round-up of all things kiddie friendly, from menus and activity packs to the latest food and drink items

Vegetables are ‘kale’ing’ the shots

Move over fruit because it now seems vegetables are leading the smoothie charge, says London-based Love Taste
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