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Goldfish Brand
has repackaged its curry sauce concentrates and introduced a new flavour

Goldfish Brand, one of the UK’s leading curry sauce concentrate manufacturers, has given its sauces a face lift with the launch of its new trade-specific packaging. The new designs highlight the brand’s traditional heritage and British roots, whilst bringing a new and clean look to the frier.

The launch coincides with a brand new addition to the range – Japanese Style curry sauce. Goldfish Brand’s Japanese curry sauce combines sweetness from natural spices such cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg to create a clean flavour and velvety sauce.

Goldfish Brand sauces were invented in the UK in 1961 by Mr Kee Wah Lee for use in his own Chinese restaurants and takeaways. He enjoyed sharing the recipe with family and friends to use in their own restaurants and this Chinese curry sauce became popular up and down the country. In 1985, when Mr Lee’s son Sammy finished his studies, he had the idea to produce this convenient, versatile, ready-to-use curry sauce concentrate on a grander scale for cooks and chefs in busy professional kitchens and Goldfish brand was born.

Goldfish Brand curry sauce concentrates have since been taken into the heart of the fast food industry and, in particular, have become a popular accompaniment to the great British fish and chips.

Available in paste format, the concentrate dissolves into hot water with no lumps and no need to sieve. They are incredibly versatile and offer a consistent quality and authentic flavour, with very little effort, time and time again.

Available in 4.5kg, 8kg and 12.5kg re-sealable kitchen-friendly plastic buckets, Goldfish Brand curry sauce concentrates are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being meat, nut and dairy free. 
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The fantastic five

Goldfish Brand sauces are available in five different varieties:

Chinese curry sauce concentrate – specially bended to deliver a mild flavour in a creamy and smooth paste
Hot & Spicy curry sauce concentrate – made with a unique blend of spices to create a rich and aromatic sauce with a chilli kick
Madras curry sauce concentrate – a flavoursome curry sauce created with traditional Madras spices for a full-bodied Indian flavour
Japanese curry sauce concentrate – the latest addition to the family, it is a sweeter sauce with a smooth and velvety finish
Chip Shop Champion Tomato Ketchup – developed for countertop, it delivers a sweet and tangy flavour in a smooth sauce

Keejays also makes a range of pancake rolls specially developed for fish and chip shops and fast food outlets under the brand name Mr Lee’s.


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