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Chippy jailed for breaching hygiene regulations

A fish and chip shop owner from Oldbury, West Midlands, has been jailed for eight months for persistently breaching hygiene regulations.

Paul Kandola, owner of Angelo’s, was given numerous chances by inspectors to improve conditions at the chippy between November 2014 and October 2015, when the shop was finally shut down.

Inspectors found dirty equipment, floors and walls, a “disgusting” toilet which opened directly onto the food preparation room, a grease-laden microwave and a lack of hot water for hand washing. On separate visits water was seen running down walls from a leak in the roof and a waste pipe was draining onto the kitchen floor.

Finding the chip shop boss guilty of 22 food hygiene offences, the judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court said: “You just needed to roll up your sleeves and do some cleaning, but simply carried on putting your customers at risk.”


Chippy first to be fined for failing to display hygiene rating

A Belfast fish and chip shop is the first business in Northern Ireland to be prosecuted for failing to display its food hygiene rating

Scarborough chippy prosecuted for hygiene offences

The co-owner of a Scarborough fish and chips restaurant has been fined over £3,500 after being found guilty of four food hygiene related offences

Welsh chippy safeguards food hygiene with Checkit

Digital food safety system Checkit has helped Tir a Mor remove any uncertainty over daily compliance tasks and eliminate time consuming paperwork from kitchen processes

Half of the UK’s kitchens would fail a food hygiene inspection

Almost half (49%) of Brits lack even the most basic fridge competence and are unable to check or regulate the temperature, meaning their kitchen would fail a basic food hygiene inspection
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