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Belgian biscuits spice up Brakes’ new cheesecake

is spicing up the cheesecake sector with a muscovado and speculoos cheesecake that will bring some warmth to the chilly winter months.

A caramelised biscuit crumb base made with spicy Belgian biscuits called speculoos, is topped with a cream cheese filling, flavoured with strong, brown muscovado sugar.

The 12-portion cheesecake comes frozen and pre-cut for consistency and easy serving. Thaw the whole cheesecake within the refrigerator for eight hours, or thaw individual slices for two to three hours to meet demand and reduce wastage.
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Sparkle and shine

New products to get your business in the festive spirit

All inclusive

Catering appropriately for all diners will ensure customers enjoy their experience without feeling excluded due to their allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices

Sweet new summer sorbet flavour launched

Combining real lime juice laced with creamy, cooling coconut is a new summer sorbet flavour from New Forest Ice Cream

Enhance ice cream sales with branded waffle cone

Providing the perfect method to spruce up the simple scoop is the new branded traditional waffle cone from New Forest Ice Cream
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