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Bristol chippy catches on to Plus20 palm oil

With its upmarket chippy offering a vast array of fish and seafood either deep fried in batter, coated in breadcrumbs or tossed in one of its three signature blends of herbs and spices, Catch 22 has impressed customers in Bristol since opening in April last year.

As well as frozen at sea Rammi cod, the menu boasts fresh haddock, plaice and lemon sole, and a regularly changing catch of the day menu including mussels, crabs, clams and crayfish. There’s equally as much choice when it comes to sides with chips, new potatoes, seasonal vegetables and homemade salads, such halloumi and orange, and sweet chilli prawn and mango, all offered up. “We like to offer something a little bit different, something more fresh, alongside the traditional fish and chip shop favourites like burgers chicken burgers, pies and sausages,” says owner Oddy Papantoniou.

The chippy has been quick to capitalise on a number of key trends with lunchtime light bites served between 11.30am and 4pm every Monday to Thursday, a gluten free menu available everyday and a link up with food delivery company Deliveroo six months ago now taking its restaurant quality food directly into the homes of its customers.

With its fried food generating a lot of positive comments on TripAdvisor recently, Oddy believes it has a lot to do with switching to Plus20 palm oil from T.Quality. “We tried it about nine months ago, if I’m honest it was because they were running a special offer, but I’ve been really pleased with it. It cooks well and it leaves a really nice taste. It also lasts a lot longer than the oil we were using before, so I would say we’re getting at least an extra day from our oil now.”

Filtering the oil everyday, Oddy believes overall he’s getting a better quality product with Plus20, adding: “We’re a busy shop, we get through a lot of fish, so it’s really important to have a good quality oil. It’s also very consistent, all the staff have got used to using it, so I’m really happy with it and I’m going to stick with it.”
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