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Diners demand compulsory display of food hygiene ratings

An overwhelming number of consumers want the law changed to make all restaurants in England publicly display their Food Hygiene Ratings, according to research by food safety technology company

In its recent survey, 98% of consumers say they want it to be compulsory to display the rating, as is the case in Wales and Northern Ireland.
A further 92% of diners say displaying these ‘scores on the doors’ will make eating out safer by encouraging restaurants and other businesses to improve their standards.

The research also found that consumers take the food hygiene rating into account when choosing where to eat with 91% saying they’d always or often choose to eat somewhere with the highest ratings of 4 or 5. 
Today, only 58% of English food businesses have the highest Food Hygiene Rating of 5, according to the latest Food Standards Agency data.

Since it has been mandatory for restaurants in Wales to display their food hygiene score, the percentage of food businesses with a top rating of 5 has increased from 45% to 63%.

David Davies, managing director, comments: “Our research found an overwhelming percentage of consumers are demanding that restaurants display their food hygiene ratings and that they see a clear link between ratings and quality.

“This means it is vital for restaurants to aim as high as possible if they want to safeguard and increase their revenues. Simply getting a 3 is not enough anymore.”



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