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A special time

New Year’s offers are off the menu at Simpsons, but customers can enjoy one of its most popular specials in the run up to the big day

Christmas is nearly upon us and for us it’s the busiest time of year. People have been shopping all day and can’t be bothered to cook. It’s also a time when the atmosphere in the shop is warm and cosy and everyone seems to be in a good mood. We like to grab hold of that while we can because come January we’ll wonder if we poisoned everyone...turns out they’re on two week long ‘diets’ and ‘exercising’ (whatever happened to everything in moderation?!).

Pretty soon everyone realises there's nothing better than hot, salty chips on a cold day and they all come running back. We don’t like to do offers during this time, in fact we don’t really like doing offers at all! Sure, there’s a time and a place, but for me, I feel it devalues the product and if you do it too often people will start waiting for them (when have you ever paid full price for a pizza?).

Gimmicks I can get on board with. Battered Christmas pudding? Winner. Deep fried Crème Egg at Easter? Yes, please. Bring it on. It’s the special that puts a smile on everyone’s face and customers lap it up. Seriously, if it’s not too late, get on the battered Christmas pud bandwagon now!

Prices are rising rapidly just now, groundnut oil is through the roof, spuds are up, fish is all over the place and our packaging has just gone up due to a serious problem at the factory, meaning there’s a new factory on board that costs significantly more than the last one. You know who never worries about putting prices up? Suppliers. Neither should they. If something costs more, of course, they should charge you for it. Equally, if something is costing you more, charge that to your customer! 20p or even 50p will make no difference to one person, but add that on to every portion, you sell and you’ll soon stop getting the sweats when it’s time to pay the bills.

Also, if we all out our prices up, we’ll be helping each other out! No more “you charge too much” or “fish and chips used to be a shilling in my day”. I have no idea what the value of a shilling is, but you get my point. Don’t be afraid to charge more, you need to survive too.

On another note, I can’t believe this is my penultimate article! Where has the time gone? Soon to be replaced by a fresher face...

Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!


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A special time

New Year’s offers are off the menu at Simpsons, but customers can enjoy one of its most popular specials in the run up to the big day
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