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Lincat adds 10 fryers to Opus 800 range

has launched five gas and five electric heavy duty fryers as part of its Opus 800 range of prime cooking equipment

The new 800mm deep fryers range in width from 300mm to 600mm, and are said to be heavier, more durable and powerful than the Opus 700 fryers they replace.

Featuring thermostatic control up to 190oC, the fryers allow for oil drainage through the body of the base unit which, if done regularly, is said to extend the life of cooking oil by up to 50%. Alternatively pumped filtration can be specified, enabling oil to be filtered in just five minutes, even when hot. Twin tank models are equipped with two pumps so that each tank can be filtered separately to avoid cross contamination

Included in the range is the Opus 800 Vortech gas model, which in independent BSI tests boasts 97% energy efficiency.  In addition to fryers, Lincat's new Opus 800 range includes ovens, griddles, grills and bratt pans.
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