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New gaming app engages staff in food safety training

A new gaming app has been developed which promises to deliver food safety training in a fun and engaging way.

A Game to Train Food Safety can be played on computers, tablets and smart phones and puts players in the position of a restaurant supervisor where they must complete various food hygiene-based tasks. Within the game there are lots of features normally associated with popular games such as challenges, rewards and leader boards and players who complete all stages gain a Level 2 food hygiene certificate.

Designed to reflect the changing nature of entrants to the food industry in terms of age and nationality, the app uses graphics and game mechanics which means that there is less reliance on text, a boon for foreign workers and those with learning difficulties.

Developed by two experienced food safety trainers, A Game To Train Food Safety has been tested with a market leading but traditional e-learning course with candidates performing 15% better. This research also proved that it was more time efficient with learners completing the course over an hour quicker.

The game has been assessed by the professional body, CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) and has been given ‘Assured Status’.

Audrey Deane, director and one of the creators behind Game to Train, comments: “We’re two experienced food safety consultants with more than 40 combined years of inspecting restaurants. As part of this role, we check that chefs are properly trained in food hygiene and that they put into practice what they have learnt.
“Unfortunately we often find that companies are spending lots of money on training - but staff and managers are still making the same mistakes because they have not understood what they have learned or have been so bored that they’ve not taken it in.
“Desperate to find a cost saving solution to this serious problem that results in huge numbers getting food poisoning from eating out, we have designed a ‘serious game’ app which really is ground breaking!”

Click here to play a demo now.