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Less is more with Enjays’ reduced sugar waffles

Authentic Belgian Liege waffle manufacturer Enjays has launched two sizes of reduced sugar chocolate waffle.

The 55g and 90g sweet treats contain only 14% sugar – 40% less sugar on average than classic Belgian Liege waffles - and are made with cocoa rather than sugar-laden chocolate, to give all of the flavour with none of the guilt.

The waffles can be stored frozen or at ambient temperature where they will have a shelf life of 28 days. The smaller waffles are packed 60 to a box while the larger versions are supplied in 30s.

To top the waffles, Enjays has a 670ml reduced sugar chocolate sauce that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs, the sauce has an ambient shelf life of 12 weeks. 
Enjays 0113 276 2059 or www.enjays.co.uk