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Cut your admin time with new kitchen management system

Friers will be able to spend more time cooking and less time on administrative tasks with the help of Kitchen CUT, a new kitchen management system.

The system allow chefs to automate their ordering process with their suppliers directly through Kitchen CUT, which can now manage and track stock held in the kitchen, through to sales.

By linking to over 55 EPOS systems, Kitchen CUT can provide an accurate, real-time inventory and performance record that allows managers and chefs to make instant and informed operational decisions that impact on their business’s profitability – without waiting till the end of the month when it’s too late.
Its developers believe the system can cut around 30% of a chef’s admin time, freeing them up to do other duties. What’s more, with functions including recipe costing, allergen and nutritional analysis, wastage tracking and real time reporting on menu performance, Kitchen CUT is said to typically achieve a 3-5% reduction in food costs, often delivering an ROI within the first quarter.

A free trial of the system is available.
Kitchen Cut 01491 845 543 www.joinkitchencut.com