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Get queues moving with new Cielo tablet

Helping takeaways to queue-bust during peak times is the new Cielo Move tablet system from Orbis Tech.

Combined with a fully connected smart dock to form an all-in-one sales solution, the tablet can be quickly undocked, enabling operators to take their till to customers, providing direct and quick service when, and where, they need it.

With mobile sales possible through the tablet and receipts printable with the simple addition of a belt printer, the Move provides busy establishments with an opportunity to maximise their sales and provide quality customer service. Featuring the latest in Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as fully equipped Bluetooth, 3G/LTE, NFC and RFID capabilities, the Move tablet remains fully connected with no loss in performance.

Combined with Orbis Software, the Move tablet is capable of providing full sales support to customers both docked and undocked, whilst simultaneously feeding data back to head office for security and monitoring.
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