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McCain guarantees new fries stay hotter and crispier for longer

Promising fresh tasting, hot and crispy fries when cooked fresh and after holding are two new products from McCain Foodservice.

Menu Signatures Staycrisp Thin Cut Skin-on Fries and Staycrisp Thin Cut Fries use the very best of the British potato crop for a real potato flavour while McCain Foods’ unique Staycrisp recipe is said to ensure fries stay hot and crispy whether held or served fresh in the restaurant or for takeaway.

Staycrisp Thin Cut Fries are extra-long, and claim to offer better plate coverage and more portions per case. Staycrisp Thin Cut Skin-on Fries offer a fresh and rustic appeal, great for a stand-out menu.

Available frozen, the new fries are gluten free and come in 2.27kg bags.
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