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Youngsters eat fast food twice a day, survey reveals

One in six youngsters eat fast food twice a day, according to a survey about the nation’s eating habits.

The survey of 5,000 UK adults by BBC Good Food reveals that while most people eat fast food on average two days a week, 16-20 year olds consume it as frequently as twice a day with pizza their preferred choice. This age group is also the most likely to skip breakfast, while 29% also admit to skipping lunch on most days, if not all.

When it comes to what we eat, fish and chips no longer feature in consumers’ top five dishes, instead Sunday roast tops the poll, followed by curry, pizza, pasta and steak and chips.

While the survey reveals takeaway spend is down year on year - just £9.97 this year as opposed to £11.31 in 2015 - the average amount that is spent on eating out in cafés and restaurants has increased from £17.22 per household per week in 2015, to £19.10 this year. London’s spend (£29.07) is 50% higher than the national average, while the Welsh spend the least (£14.87). A quarter of respondents spend nothing at all on meals in restaurants or cafés.

Similarly, around a quarter of people surveyed spend nothing at lunchtime because they bring their lunch with them, and on average the nation eats a packed lunch three times a week. 

Perhaps not surprising is the fact that meat is still regarded as an important part of daily eating with the average person having just six meat-free days per month and nearly half (49%) of participants stating that “a meal isn’t a meal without meat”.


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