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Popular Rational combi-oven available in XS size

has reduced the size of its SelfCookingCentre to create its smallest model yet - a 6 x 2/3 GN unit version. 

With dimensions measuring 55.5 cm deep, 65.5 cm wide and 56.7 cm high, the XS model only needs minimal space of 0.2 m3. And although the smallest unit in the SelfCookingCenter family, it is in no way inferior to the larger units in terms of features and performance. This is because the SelfCookingCenter XS is equipped with a fresh steam generator and has all the familiar assistants such as iCookingControl, the intelligent support for the chef; iLevelControl, the assistant for optional mixed loading; HiDensityControl, which guarantees top food quality through maximum performance and precise regulation of cooking cabinet conditions, as well as Efficient CareControl, the automatic cleaning and descaling system.

Ideal for outlets where space is at a premium, the unit can be built-in, wall-mounted or left to standalone, and can grill, steam, pan-fry, gratinate and bake a wide range of food from pizza, vegetables and steaks to eggs, pastries and omelettes. A full range of accessories in the appropriate 2/3 size are also available.
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