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Turn up the temperature with Tabasco seasoned chicken

Add heat and flavour to the menu with the Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce-infused chicken lines from Flagship Europe.

Great Balls of Fire are succulent Pop In chicken breast meat chunks seasoned with a spicy Tabasco-flavoured coating, while Spice n Easy Chicken Wings are fully cooked wings dusted with the unique taste of Tabasco. The third newcomer, Hot Chicken Strips, are strips of tender chicken breast meat coated in a crispy Tabasco-spiced coating.

Tabasco is the only pepper sauce aged for three years in white oak barrels, and it contains just three ingredients – Tabasco peppers, Avery Island salt from Louisiana, and all-natural high grain vinegar.

Flagship’s Great Balls of Fire and Hot Chicken Strips are supplied in a case of 3 x 1kg along with free branded serving cartons. The Spice n Easy Chicken Wings are offered in a case of 2 x 1.5kg.
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